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Money Pipeline

What is it?
A funnel is simply the process of attracting people and guiding them to taking some kind of desired action through a sequence of steps. People go in at the top and customers or leads come out the bottom. You are already using funnels whether you know it or not, the key is to map these funnels out so they can be measured and optimised. A funnel can be a simple broad overview of your whole business or it could be a detailed map of individual marketing campaign.

Why are they important?
Only amateurs blindly marketing their services without understanding the funnel, the pros map them out in detail, analyse and optimise to maximize the results. It’s the difference between driving to a destination 500 miles away without looking at a map or making the same journey using Google Maps. One is stupid and one is just common sense and saves time and energy.

How do design a funnel?

1. Start by sketching out your Macro sales funnel. Use this template or the image on this page for reference.

2. Once you have a clear idea of your over all sales funnel you can get clever with a micro funnel. This is used for specific campaign, this could be a campaign to generate leads, a new product launch or a special promotion or offer. Look at the example of this page.

3. Use software to map out the exact process and every single touchpoint. You could be an amateur and use something lame like Microsoft Publisher or you can something cool and built for the job. The reason you map it out so preceisely is so that everyone involved in the build and launch of the funnel can clearly see what is required and for what reason. With everyone on the same page you can go ahead and start building it.

4. Here are some real life examples I have used to generate over £1M in sales for my clients. You can steal them for your business, your welcome.

How to build one

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