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Core Concept: 2/10

Skills Canyon

The obvious gap


The gap between where you are and where you want to be is what I call the skills canyon and to get to the other side you need to build a bridge (hire people with the skills) or jump the gap yourself (learn the skills). The reason you don’t have a successful online business is because you don’t have the skills required. You don’t have the sales skills, the marketing skills, the technical skills, the design skills etc.

It’s as simple as that, you don’t have the skills to reach your goals the trouble is it’s hard to do. The game is to identify the exact skills required and either learn them yourself or higher people that have the skills. The trouble is you don’t know what you don’t know so it’s like building a bridge on your own in the dark with no fucking clue what you are doing. Let me shine a light and give you the blueprint…

Step 1. Don’t be a bitch

Be honest with yourself and take responsibility. The reason you are not as successful as you want is a lack of skills, don’t blame your parents, your high school, your friends, your employees or anyone else. YOU DON’T HAVE THE SKILLS so acquire them.

Step 2. Identify the skills gap

Be clear about the skills gap, what exact skills do you need to reach the goal? Start with the end goal and write down what is actually required to achieve it. If it’s to increase the sales for your small online business then ask yourself, can I make a landing page? Can I cut together a youtube short? Can I run an effective Facebook ad? Can I design a sales funnel? Can I write compelling copy? Can I create a good offer? Can I attract and hold attention on social media? If you can’t answer those questions then it’s literally impossible to reach the goal.

Step 3. Build the bridge

Each skill is a brick to building the bridge across the canyon. You need to lay it brick by brick. Do the courses, read the articles, watch the videos – learn the fucking skills.

Step 4.

Never stop learning, no skill learned is wasted. This is especially true in the digital economy. Literally every business on earth needs digital skills, learn them and you can provide value anywhere you go. It’s a superpower.


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