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Special Ops

Victory Campaigns

Concept: Your business needs to carry out regular marketing campaigns to promote your products and services. They need to be meticulously planned and executed which is why I call them Special Ops. It’s not easy to pull off but this is the difference between the amateurs and the pros but the results are worth it. Below is my 6 stage process that I have personally implemented that has made over £2m in sales for my clients in the last 12 months alone. 

It’s better to sell en masse rather than one at a time as this is much more effecient as work is batched and spend goes further. A predicted wave of new customers is better for many reasons but one of the most powerful reasons is based on supply and demand which is business 101.

Here I will provide an outline and psychology behind running these special ops and below I will go into detail about each of the six steps and how to implement them.

The game is to create a supply and demand imbalance which makes the right buying conditions for large numbers of people to all take action at the same time. People want what other people want so building up momentum into a FOMO frenzy combined with a capped supply equals a rush of customers.

So WTF does that actually mean and what does it look like? From the outside these special ops look like promotions, sales, launches and offers but behind the scenes a sophisticated game of market dynamics and human physcology are taking place, along with some technical legwork.


Here are the steps in brief.

1. Create an irresistible offer:

The first step is to work back from what you are actually selling and then wrap it up in a shiny bundle. If you sell social media management then turn this into a ’30 day Social Media Machine’ – The ultimate small business playbook to crush social media’. You can then bundle up your normal services into this special promotion. For example it includes a Free 30 day plan plus weekly calls with your team to help implement finishing in a review call. Whatever is it needs to sound good, align with their needs and stand out. Simply running a 15% off sale isn’t going to cut it. To learn how to create an irresistible offer check out the Podium Promotion section.

2. Build the Funnel:

Next you need to design and map out the whole customer journey along with every single touchpoint including each post, email, landing page, order confirmation and each point of contact. You should do this visually so you can clearly see it all in one place which is especially important if multiple people are involved. Once it’s clear what needs to be done and by who you’ll need to build and create it all. The section below shows what tools I use along with some examples.

3. Launch Control

Once you have written all the copy, designed the landing pages and created all the imagery etc you’ll need to launch it but not in the standard way like you’d expect. You need to launch it without letting people just buy it, first you need to create the demand and then you release it and even then you restrict the numbers. More details on how to properly launch stuff below.

4. Measure

Once launched you’ll need to have your finger on the pulse and see it operating in real time so you can make fixes and react as it unfolds. There is nothing worse than creating huge hype and demand for your launch for the website to crash or the payment processor to not work. Having the correct tracking and analytic dashboards set up is essential.

5. Optimise

Once you have access to the data and things are going smoothly you may notice that things or get made aware of things that could improve the performance. Maybe people are commenting on social media the same questions or are struggling to find a link on the landing page. This is the time to make these tweaks as you go.

6. Victory for all

Once the campaign has come to a close and the product or service has been delivered then it’s time to review the results so you can celebrate your wins and highlight areas for improvement. It’s important to also highlight your customers success and where possible publically acknowledge them turning their wins into more publicity and advertising for you.

Irresistible Offer

Overview then link to Podium Promos. Talk about the calendar and planning at least 6 months in advance aim for at least 1 per quarter

Build The Funnel

Summary of the macro funnel and then the components of a micro funnel. Link to the Funnel Mapper page. 

Launch Control

Summary of the macro funnel and then the components of a micro funnel. Link to the Funnel Mapper page.


Link the KPI concept and screenshot of mission control. 


How to make data driven descisions and when to pivot.

Victory for All

Celebrate the wins and turn your customer success into more marketing collateral. Examples

How to build one

Free Option:

Paid Option (pro members)