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Talent: Overview

It’s mission critical that you as a business owner or at least someone competent on your team understand and can implement marketing without relying on a third party.

It’s fine to outsource some components of marketing to agencies or freelancers your strategy and control should be centralised from within. 

As someone who ran an a marketing agency and has worked with over 100 SMBs you trust me when I say you do NOT want to simply outsource marketing.

The life line to any business is the ability to generate leads and sales so why give this responsibility to another company you have to be able to rely on yourself. The best case scenario with a marketing agency is they are smashing it out the park for you, sales are good and they take care of all the leg work and technical stuff. The problem is they own you, they hold all the power and likely have access to all your systems, tracking, domains, websites etc. This is not a good place to be and this is the best case scenario most likely their performance isn’t good or worse you can’t quantify it and they likely hold all the keys to your marketing machine. If you fall out with said company or freelancer they likely it will be a problem obtaining your data, access to systems, website and you are left with a huge problem.

A lot of my business came to me because of these negative scenarios with agencies that didn’t know what they were doing or a rogue freelancer who decides to ignore the client or go out of business. 

Let me show you the smarter way and don’t worry it’s not complicated it’s just common sense. The risk of not do this is big and the upside is even bigger. Let me explain. 


WTF should I do

The first thing you should do is ask the following questions to yourself if you run the marketing or the person in your team who is responsible. If you can’t answer yes to ALL of the following then you have big problem:

1. Do you have immeadiate access to your website analytics?
2. Can you quickly edit your website content and create new pages easily?
3. Can you produce and edit videos in house?
4. Do you have the ability to send out mass emails to your customers and mailing list?
5. Do you have access to your domain names and DNS settings
6. Can you do basic graphic design in house, posters, promotional material, social media graphics etc?
7. Do you have immeadiate access to your social media channels and can post whenever you need to?
8. Do you have a central asset library containing all of photos, videos and marketing materials?
9. Do you know what all of these terms mean: CPC, CPA, LTV, CRO, SEO, CTR?
10. You have access to the following: Google Search Console, Facebook Ads manager, Google Ads, Your CRM, website CMS.

Why should I do it

You need to do this so that you have full understanding of your marketing, how it works and how to control it. Once you have an understanding of this whole framework, have implemented it and measured it you can then decide weaknesses you have and what to consider outsourcing. Simply saying “we have a marketing agency do all that” is dumb and sooner or later will bite you in the ass and in the meantime is costing your dearly not just in overpriced fees. 

How to do it

Step 1: Assess your situation, do you have control or not? Understand the Skills Canyon.

Step 2: Give someone the job of head of marketing either yourself or the kid in the office who can use tiktok, someone is better than no one. 

Step 3: Have that person read and understand the whole framework on this website. If it blows their mind then book a consultation to go through your performance scrore 1 on 1. It will be the best investment your business ever makes. 

Step 4. Follow the action plan from your performance score test and set up the necessary systems and accounts.  

Step 5: Learn how to access and interpret reports and data

Step 6. Learn how to shoot photo and video and edit in house to produce content. You don’t need to be Spielberg, an iPhone is fine. Follow the content workshop here

Step 7. Use project management tool to outline your marketing campaigns for the year and manage the tasks to stay on track. 

Step 8: Take my video courses (COMING SOON)

The result

Learn to drive your vehicle instead paying someone else, outsource specialist teams to boost performance on certain parts of your vehicle.