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Audience / fans: Overview




Building an audience that you own and can communicate with directly is key to success and often overlooked. The bigger your audience the more money you make. The trouble is you need to captura and own the data and not rely on third parties such as social media online platforms like Amazon, Ebay or Etsy. These platforms control your reach and accesss to the data, they own it, you don’t.

WTF should I do

You need to start collecting as much data on your customers, fans and leads starting with their names, email addresses and phone numbers. If you at least have these you can communucate with them for low cost or for free anytime you want. The next stage is to gather demographic data about them such as age, location, their interests and what interactions they have had with your business. 

Why should I do it

Trends change and so do the platforms people use so controlling your own audience is essential. If you own the data nobody can take it away from you and you always leverage it to sell new products and services. If you don’t you are at mercy to the platform just like Ebay don’t allow you to contact your customer outside of the platform or most social platforms don’t allow you to export your fans or followers. 

How to do it

Step 1. Organise your existing data including past customers, current customers, suppliers, partners, affiliates etc.

Step 2. Make sure people can easily opt in to your email newsletter via your website

Step 3. Use a CRM like Mailchimp or Hubspot. (other recommended tools here)

Step 4. Segment your database so you can tailor your communications

Step 5. Communicate and nurture your audience

Step 6: Reward and surprise you most loyal and customers and fans.

 How AI can help: Use Chatgbt code interpreter to segment your audience. Use chatgbt to help write email automatic email sequences for those segments. 

The result

You take control of your audience and data and build a long terms asset that compound in value over time and better serve you and your customers.