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 Engine Overview


The ‘engine’ is your central power source, it’s your systems and tech that power everything. This means your IT systems, hardware and assets. The better your engine the more efficient and faster your business can go.

WTF should I do

The first thing to do is audit your tech stack to see if you have any major components missing. After that, you should look to optimise and upgrade your systems.

Why should I do it

If you don’t have a good engine behind your business it will run ineffeciently leading to wasted time and money and ulitmately holding you back. A good example of this is a slow loading website, if your website is too slow people will just leave therefore any money and time you spend getting traffic to your website is being wasted.

How to fix it

Step 1. Complete this Engine Checklist to ensure you have all the components you need. Check out the toolkit for recommended tools and software. 

Step 2. Audit and test (Mission Control – Site Auditor, Rank Tracker, Google Lighthouse, Search Console)

– Watch the video tutorial here.

– If you don’t have the audit tools set up refer to the Dashboard Workshop here

Step 3. Optimise and Improve

– Use the Optimisation Worksheet to identify your prioritise and track your tasks.


The result

 Less time and money wasted + better performance = Improved customer experience, better data and more sales.