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Funnel Workshop

The fuel for your business
  • People go in and money comes out
  • How to build money making funnels
  • Examples and steps by step instructions below
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 Sales Funnels: Overview

A business is simply a money machine and it either makes more money than it costs to print the money or it doesn’t. The customer enters your business gives you money and then leaves. It’s what happens before, during and after that process that counts and what makes a huge difference to any business. Every business I have worked with that has had any kind of success designs, maps out and builds a series of funnels designed specificially to attract, nuture, convert and re-engage with customers. It’s not luck or fluke it is by design and trial and error. This workshop will how a funnel works and how to build one for your business.

WTF should I do

You should write down every single step a customer goes through before placing an order. Everything from the first Google search or watching a youtube video to visiting your website, signing up to your newsletter to eventually calling to place an order or buying online. What happens after they order? Do they get a confirmation email, do they get a sequence of emails, do they receive any documentation, how does the product get delivered and so on. This should be a well defined and documented procoess that you and your employees understand. Write that down and then follow the steps below:

Why should I do it

Your business relies on being able to attract attention and generate leads. Everything else in your business comes downstream of this and most of your business problems can be solved by having a consistent supply of leads and customers. If you systematically build tailored funnels for your products / audience then you control the tap and flow of new customers into your business. When done right you will always have a bigger demand for your products than you can supply, a nice position to be in. 

How to build it

Step 1. Learn the only 6 ways to attract customers. All forms of marketing fit into these 6 categories, I call it the nut and spanner

Step 2. Create and irresistible offer and a lead magnet. Understand the Interest dial.

Step 3. Mapping out the sales funnel (examples, template and simulator) – video example, diagram (macro and micro)

Step 4. Building the funnel. Here’s an example of one of my funnel maps and how I built it. 

Step 5. Launching the funnel – Here’s my funnel launch procedure and checklist you can use.

Step 6: Measure and refine. Here’s what metrics you should be looking at and how to use that data. (guide to setting up in Google Analytics)


The result

Go from bumbling along to having a pipeline of consistent leads funnelling into your business and being converted into customers.