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Paid Ads Workshop

Turbo boost your business
  • How to run ads properly
  • Why most people get it wrong
  • Examples and templates
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Dashboard: Overview

Paid ads, the turbo boost for your business machine. Get them right and you have a money printing machine, get it wrong and it’s the fastest way to burn money. On this page is all the information you need to know about ads, have an open mind and be prepared to for common misconceptions to be debunked.

Using our analogy of a turbo to represent ads lets use this to demonstrate the importance of having a well built and maintained vehicle (your businsss) What would happen if you were to turbo charge a 50cc moped with barely any fuel in the tank, flat tyres being ridden by someone who has never ridden a motorcycle before. It would defiinelty end in a spectacular crash, that’s obvious to anyone yet this is the mistake so many businesses make. So often people run ads with a poor vehicle – they have a terrible landing page, no lead magnet, no tracking set up and wonder why the ads lose money. This is why it’s important to have all the components in place and working well before you throw petrol on the fire.

Let’s look at another example if you put a turbo on a well maintained 2 litre VW golf driven by an a competent driver you can see how the car will likely get to it’s destination in a reliable and effecient manner. It would also get there before and F1 car if the F1 car had flat tyres or had no driver. Hopefully this makes sense, the key is having all the pieces of the puzzle in place first before you start. Just like you can’t finish the puzzle if you have missing pieces you shouldn’t be running ads without the being ready. That is why most people get it wrong, it’s not the platform, their budget or even their ad creative it’s a faulty machine behind the scenes that is wrong. On the flip side this is what happens when you get it right.

Money printer goes brrrrrrrrr. Just like the central banks during covid you too can print money out of thin air, or at least get close and without causing an econmic crash for your business. Once you have you all the components of your business (vehicle) set up by following this framework you can start to run ads. Running ads is about creating an offer and then running many small tests to collect data. From these tests you will have many loser and but some winners, you discard the losers and double down on the winners. Over time you will find what resonates with your customer avatar and using your sales funnel you’ll get predictable results. This will give you confidence to scale your budget and proivide more data to optimise your ads and sales funnel. This is the key to ads and is also the key to content creation as you can make content you know hits home. Your organic social content is led by your ad data not the other way around.


WTF should I do

The first thing you should do is stop any ads your are currently running and then look at the data. If you have never ran any ads before then you have saved yourself a lot of hassle and money already, either way you a leaving money on the table and losing ground to your competiors. The next thing you should do is absorb the knowledge in this workshop area and before running ads work on all the other areas of your business until you have a good score for each component.

Why should I do it

The reason you need to run ads is that you can have the power to grow, test and scale at a crazy pace it really is a game changer when done correctly.

How to do it

Step 1: Understand the 4 Lanes of Advertising 

Step 2: Look at what you are doing and what your competitors are doing. 

Step 3: Set up conversion tracking (do not skip this step)

Step 4: Build your sales funnel 

Step 5. Pick a platform – here’s how. 

Step 6: Create a series of ad experiments – use my ad creation framework. H.O.L.D Hook, Orient, Lean, Direct

Step 7. Cut the losers and double down on the winners. 

Step 8. Use the winning ads as a framework for your organic content. 

Step 9: Rinse and repeat.

The result

Go from idle to top gear without worrying about the wheels falling off.