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Strategic Partners: Overview

An important thing to understand and master in marketing and also in business is leverage, How can you get more output for the same input? A simple example of this using another businesses audience to reach new people in the form of some kind of partnership and there are many ways this can be structured. The key point being you can benefit from other people or businesses actively promoting your products or by associating your business with their brand. Done in a strategic manner can propell your business growth like never before.

This page shows gives you examples of how I have done this in the past and how you can seek out and create partnerships that will massively benefit your business. 

WTF should I do?

The first thing you should do is create a hit list spreadhsheet of businesses and influencers that already have large audiences with your dream customer. If you don’t know exactly who your dream customers are then use the customer avatar creator here.  Use this template here to fill out the list then follow the below steps to learn how to reach out do do deals with strategic partners.


why should I do it?

– Stand on the shoulders of giants 
– Get more output for your input
– Boost your reputation 
– Grow in new ways 
– Turbo charge your growth


How to do it?

Step 1: Understand the different types of partnerships

Step 2: Create your own hitlist

Step 2: Look at what value you can offer another businesses and people

Step 3: Reach out to the hit list manually and use relevant platforms

Step 4. Book meetings and get face to face when you can.

Step 5: Pitch your ideas and close the deal.

Step 6. Implement 

Step 7. Measure, optimise and nurture


How I have done it

Westons, Hawkstone, Influencers, Affiliate schemes, paid partnerships, … 


The result

The results will be