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strategy Workshop

The google maps of marketing
  • Why ‘strategy’ is just priorities
  • The What, When and Why
  • Know exactly where you are going and how to get there.
Get to work

Strategy: Overview

When people hear ‘Marketing Strategy’ they generally tune and imagine it’s some boring document that isn’t actually practical or relevant to the day to day business. Let me tell you most marketing strategies and plans are exactly that but let me show you why a marketing strategy is one of the most important documents you can make and why it doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact strategy is simply outlining what areas should be worked out, what tasks need to be done, when to do them and why. It’s basically a prioritised to-do list that highlights low hanging fruit and what levers can be pulled to move the needle the most. It also gives you a waypoint in the distance and a map to get there. You can have a 3, 6, 12 month plan but I think a 12 month plan seems to work best.

WTF should I do?

I created the R.A.C.E Score and the Performance Test for precisely this reason. It’s to give business owners and marketers an instant marketing strategy which not on shows them exactly what they need to do but also explain why and then show them how. Hopefully by this point you understand the value of this information and get enourmous value from this platform. Hopefully by this point you have your R.A.C.E score and have done at least on Performance Test so you know your baseline scores. The rest of this section gives extra insights and valuable information that compliments the PDF you receive after you take the performance test. 


why should I do it?

– If you don’t decide on your destination or understand how you will get there then you will never arrive.


How to do it?

Step 1: Look at your R.A.C.E Score

Step 2: Get your latest performance score and PDF Strategy

Step 3: Use this template as a task manager and to track your progress.

Step 2: Rectify any red flags first using the corresponding workshop pages

Step 3: Start with the lowest scoring category and use the workshop page to fix your issues. 

Step 4: Continue this process until you have worked on all areas with a red ‘Off Pace’ Score.

Step 5: Retake the Performance Test and R.A.C.E Score and compare your scores. 

 Step 6: Continue the work and enjoy the results!

The result

You’ll feel a huge weight off your shoulders with the knowledge that you business is heading in the right direction, there is a plan to get there and the progress can be tracked easily. You will not have to worry whether you are wasting your time or that an agency is wasting your money. Your focus and money is going in the right areas and the growth and results will only improve and compound over time.